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Why Seniors Choose Virginia Medicare Advantage Plans

Each senior has can make their own choice when it comes to health insurance coverage.  Some seniors want to have the Original Medicare plans and add a supplemental plan to it while others want to purchase Virginia Medicare advantage plans which combine Part A and Part B of Medicare.

Medicare patients who are suffering from chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease can now obtain continued access to rehab and other types of services which they need based on the changes agreed upon by the Obama administration.  According to Gill Deford, who is a lawyer from the Center for Medicare Advocacy, the proposed agreement will permit Medicare patients to continue receiving their occupational therapy, physical therapy and other kinds of skilled services that they require whether it be in a nursing home or at home.  This can help to make these patients stable.

The problem that some seniors face is that Medicare policy allows them to keep on receiving rehab if they show improvements.  Deford and other advocates who are representing these patients are challenging this policy.  According to Deford, seniors do not have to prove that they are getting any better so that they can continue with their rehab.  If possible, we should not the patients to get worse.

The agreement can certainly affect hundreds of thousands of patients all over the world.  This is filed by Chief Judge Christina Reiss so that patients with chronic lung disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease can benefit from it.  It can also help those people who are getting weaker due to advanced age since they are at risk of falls and other issues.

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