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Why Seniors Choose Medicare Advantage Plans Virginia

Most seniors rely on the Original Medicare plan for their health insurance coverage.  However, this plan will not cover everything that they need.  That is why some seniors are turning to Medicare Advantage Plans Virginia.

Seniors and disabled individuals who are relying on Medicare can now gain access to care. This is as a result of the proposed settlement which challenges the practice of refusing some coverage to patients who do not show any improvement with regard to their conditions.  The federal judge in Vermont is expected to approve this settlement in the coming months.  Base on the terms of the settlement, Medicare should not refuse skilled nursing care and other types of therapy to beneficiaries regardless of their prognosis.  The objective of Medicare is to provide health care services which are necessary for the treatment of an injury or an illness of a senior citizen or someone who is disabled.  But this program does not provide coverage for custodial care such as nursing home care which is provided by non-skilled aides.  These aides will help the seniors to perform their daily tasks such as eating and dressing themselves.  Under the improvement standard of Medicare, seniors whose conditions do not show any improvement will be refused coverage for skilled care.

Base on this improvement standard, those Medicare beneficiaries who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis will not obtain coverage for physical therapy if they do not show any improvement.  However, these therapies are very much needed by patients so that they can keep their conditions stable while preserving their health.

For more information on Medicare Advantage Plans Virginia, you can call Thompson-Brooks Insurance at 1-866 439-0512.  We have a variety of options for your needs.  You can quickly find a plan that is suitable for you and your family.


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