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Why People Should Choose BCBS of VA

Choosing where to buy your health insurance is very important.  BCBS of VA is one of the trusted brands of health insurance on the market today.  They can offer you several plans with various benefits.  You can customize your plan and include only the benefits that you need.

According to studies, the antibiotics which are prescribed for chemotherapy can cause kidney failure.  Experiments have discovered that antifungal drugs which are prescribed all over the world can create side effects.  The air that we breathe indoors and outdoors generally contains fungal spores.  Sometimes this can lead to skin irritations, asthma and allergies.  In most cases this can be handled by the immune system of the body.  But there is a greater risk for those people whose immune system cannot deal with these conditions such as cases in which patients are the victim of a severe burn, an HIV infection, and especially those who have undergone chemotherapy.  The most effective treatment for these situations is the antibiotic known as Amphotericin B (AmB) which can fight fungal cells.  This drug is highly effective since the mortality rates have dropped from 80% to 30% when it is treated with AmB.

Regardless of the benefits, a resistance to the antibiotic has occurred during the past twenty years.  Increased doses of AmB can lead to lethal side effects.  Tests have shown that at least 50% patients have suffered kidney poisoning during increased dosage.  At least 15% of these patients have gone to kidney dialysis.  Most often AmB can even result in the entire failure of the kidney, heart and liver.  The reason for this is that the AmB antibiotic will combine molecules with the membrane and create holes thus allowing dangerous material to enter and kill the cell.

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