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Who Needs Temporary Health Insurance Virginia?

People who are switching between health insuance plans can use Temporary health insurance Virginia.  You can use this plan if you are still choosing the best plan that is suitablefor your needs.  This plan is only meant for a specific period of time.  If you have a health insurance plan even for a short period of time then you can appreciate peace of mind in the case of sudden illnesses such as stroke.

The good news is that the risk of stroke can be prevented if you follow a diet that is rich in lycopene.  According to scientists from Finland, this chemical which is usually found in tomatoes can lessen the risk of stroke by more than 50%.  Based on this study, the higher level of lycopene you have in your bloodstream, the lesser chances that you will have a stroke.  The researchers concluded that eating foods rich in lycopene can reduce the risk of stroke by at least 55%.  They believe that this chemical contains some antioxidants which can help to reduce inflammation.  Aside from reducing the risk of stroke, it can also help to prevent blood clots.  Lycopene is also found in watermelon and red peppers.

There are many ways that you can consume more lycopene.  You can try slicing fresh tomatoes thinly and serving them with basil and mozzarella.  This can give you a refreshing, tasty and healthy meal.  Do not put too much mozzarella in the salad since it contains fat.  You can also make a tasty tomato salad.  It would be best to choose tomatoes which are grown on the vine or that you grow on your own.

Temporary health insurance Virginia quotes can be found at  For more information and details about our health insurance plans, you can also talk to our agents at 1-866 439-0512.


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