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Virginia Low Cost Health Insurance for Workers

You can obtain Virginia low cost health insurance at your place of employment.  Some workers are lucky enough to enjoy health coverage from their employers.  However, most low-wage workers are paying more for their health insurance than high wage earners.  At the same time, they also receive low quality coverage and lesser support from their employers.  This is based on the new survey for the annual health care costs.

According to the survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, large and small employers nationwide have observed that the health costs are rising at a slower pace compared to previous years.  This is due to the recent recession.  The Affordable Care Act has created a big impact on the costs not only for the employers but also for the workers since it initially became effective when the Congress approved it in 2010.  According to the report, this year the health insurance premiums have been increasing at a modest rate but it is tough for workers who are working in low wage companies.  This year, the average annual health insurance premium of a worker who obtains an employer-sponsored family health plan will be 4% higher compared to last year.

However, this rate of increase is considered to be the lowest annual increase of health insurance premium since 1999.  Employees who are working in high wage companies can enjoy more compared to those workers from low wage companies.  If you are working for a high wage company then you will just be paying below $4,000 for the coverage of your family and your employer will pay an average of $12,000.  On the other hand, those workers who are working at low wage firms will have to pay $5,000 for a family coverage while their employer will pay an average of $9,000.

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