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Tips in Choosing the Best Anthem BCBS Virginia Health Insurance

There are a lot of choices available for your Anthem BCBS Virginia health insurance plans.  But in order to select a plan that is ideal for you, you should first make a list of all your health care needs so that you can make a well informed decision.  Compare the prices and choose the plan that you can afford in order to ensure that you can pay its premiums as well as the other costs involved.

According to the research done by the American Heart Association, smoke- free laws have resulted in fewer incidents of hospitalization and deaths caused by respiratory and heart diseases.  The researchers conducted a review on the 45 studies being made and they have discovered that smoke free-laws which are implemented in some states of the United States have resulted in various benefits.   These laws have resulted in a 15% decrease in the incidence of heart attack hospitalization. At the same time they have also resulted in a 16% decrease of hospitalization for stroke.  The smoke-free laws have also resulted in a 24% decrease in hospitalization for people who are suffering from respiratory diseases such as chronic pulmonary disease and asthma.  The most comprehensive smoke-free laws which are being implemented in bars, restaurants and workplaces are the ones which obtain the most health benefits.

According to Stanton Glantz,Ph D from the Center for Tobacco Control Research, the policy makers, health professionals and the public should understand that there should be no loopholes and exemptions in the laws so that people can prevent hospitalizations.  Failing to implement the comprehensive smoke-free laws can lead to costly and unnecessary hospitalizations.  The results of the study only prove that smoke-free laws should be implemented in all public places as well as workplaces.

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