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The Advantages of Dental Insurance in Virginia

Some people are not aware that dental insurance in Virginia can provide them with a lot of advantages.  It can prevent them from avoiding extractions.  Sometimes if your damaged tooth is not properly treated then it can lead to extractions.

Dr. Jeffery Luzar spends his day treating patients in a mobile community clinic which offers dental services.  This clinic was built in order to prevent dental patients from going into emergency rooms.  Most of the patients that they treat have advanced gum diseases and abscesses which result from negligence.  He treats these patients with painkillers, antibiotics and sometimes with extractions.  According to Luzar, his practice is extracting a lot of teeth even if the dentists want to be conservative.  Sometimes there are no opportunities to salvage one’s teeth.  The disadvantage of extracting teeth is the numerous lifelong consequences especially for the young children.

According to research, the cost of emergency care is higher than preventive care.  A preventive dental visit only costs $61 while an emergency room visit costs $172 and for hospitalization you can expect to spend at least $5,044.  According to the recent survey, those patients who have visited emergency rooms for their dental conditions can expect to return again to emergency rooms within a year.  Poor dental care can create a great impact especially for those people who are at the poverty level.  There are a lot of men and women who are having a hard time smiling because they do not have any teeth.  As a result they cannot even get hired because they can’t smile.  Sometimes the problem is the lack of dental care of the mother to her newborn.  Unsolved periodontal disease can make babies suffer from infections.

By purchasing dental insurance in Virginia from, you can take good care of your teeth and prevent any damages.  For more information, you can also call us at 1-866 439-0512.


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