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Purchasing Individual Health Insurance – Use Caution

By Jared Tozier

Use caution when purchasing your Individual Health Insurance plan in Virginia. In fact, make sure that the plan you are purchasing is actually Health Insurance and not one of the many discount plans which are floating around.

Radio, Television, Newspapers, etc. are plastered with ads appearing to offer you the world regarding individual health insurance at very little cost. As we all should know, you generally get what you pay for. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting persons fall captive to these discount program offers which are nothing more than discount plans. So, if you do purchase a discount plan, there will be many cases where there isn’t any form of discount at all. Many healthcare providers and pharmacies won’t honor the discount plan at all! Stay as far away from these plans as you can.

Another area which is deserving of your cautious approach, is dealing with High Pressure Insurance agents. Simply put, an agent who uses high pressure tactics does not have your best interests in mind. If the agent really wanted to ensure that you receive the best possible Health Insurance Plan in Virginia, he or she would not be pressuring you. Instead, the agent would be doing everything possible to find you a quality plan at the lowest possible cost. A plan which is structured to meet your individual needs as well as the needs of your family.

In summary, work with a reputable agency and an agent you are comfortable with. An honest and reliable agent will go to great lengths to ensure that you are purchasing a quality plan and a plan which will meet your budget. Visit for assistance.


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