Individual and Family Health Insurance

There could be a number of reasons why you are looking for an individual health plan. As employers continue to shift most of the cost of group health insurance plans to employees, individual health plans have become more appealing. Perhaps your employer does not offer group health insurance or you are self-employed. Either way, as health insurance costs increase, individuals are looking for ways to save money, and advice on how to find low cost health insurance. Here are some advantages of a personal health insurance plan:

  • Lower Cost – Individual health plans allow you to choose the level of coverage you need instead of paying for what you don’t need. Individual health insurance is commonly becoming more affordable than group plans.
  • Tailor Made – You can design your individual health insurance plan by selecting deductibles, co-pays, and optional benefits rather than the cookie-cutter employer plan.
  • Portability – An individual health insurance plan can go with you from job to job as your career path changes.

Whether it’s an HMO, PPO, HSA or FFS, we can explain each plan in more detail and help you choose the specific plan that fits your needs.

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