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Health Insurance Quotes In Virginia for Cancer Patients

People who have health conditions are likely to need to obtain health insurance quotes in Virginia.  However, they will probably be denied coverage due to their illnesses. Furthermore, they will sometimes have to pay high costs.

Based on the new survey, at least two thirds of patients who have advanced cancer believed that they can be cured by chemotherapy.  But this treatment is only given to patients so that they can be comfortable.  According to Dr. Deborah Schrag from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, these patients’ expectations are actually far from reality.  According to their report, at least 81% of patients with terminal colorectal cancer and 69% of patients who were fatally ill with lung cancer, did not comprehend that chemotherapy will not likely remove their tumors.  When colorectal cancer or colon cancer spreads then chemotherapy may lengthen the survival of the patients for weeks or months but it also has some extensive side effects.

Schrag further added that this dilemma is not really about dull patients and bad doctors.  Actually this is about a blockage of communication.  Sometimes doctors find it hard to communicate to people to them that they can’t be cured.  Doctors feel uncomfortable about telling patients the sad news and at the same time patients are having a hard time believing them.  Drs. Dan Longo and Thomas Smith write that if patients are having impractical expectations from their therapy then there is a serious problem of miscommunication that should be addressed.  According to Dr. Hossein Borghaei who is an oncologist from the Fox Chase Center, doctors should spend some time in explaining the facts to their patients.

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