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Child Only Health Insurance in Virginia Can Protect Your Children

The child only health insurance in Virginia plans are the plans that can be bought without any parent or guardian included in the plan.  One of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act which can benefit children is the component which guarantees coverage for children who have pre-existing conditions and who are younger than 19 years old.  This provision can make insurance coverage accessible to those families who are seeking coverage for their children with pre-existing conditions.  However, in some states this can have an adverse effect.  There are some insurance companies which have already stopped selling coverage for child-only policies.

However, this situation could change.  According to a new study, since the law was upheld in 2010, there have been 22 states which have tried to address this issue by creating new laws that can encourage insurance companies to sell child-only policies.  The children health advocates are saying that the changes may have an encouraging effect since a lot of insurers are now reentering the market.  In some instances, there are even new insurance companies which have started to sell child-only plans for the first time.

When the provision initially started to take effect, some insurers are afraid that their costs might increase since they are required to provide children with coverage regardless of their health status.  Phillip Barlow, who is an associate of the Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking completely understands what the insurers are feeling.  If these insurance companies will accept all children who are healthy and sick then most parents would obtain coverage only when they are about to pay huge expenses.  As a result parents would only buy coverage for their child when they are already on their way to the hospital.

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